Australian Social Innovation Exchange!

So I have entered the inaugural Social Innovation exchange…. right up my alley with the sustainability of podtex…

check it out..


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To truly understand the blood, sweat and tears that went into my textiles you would have to sit next to me for the months of 18 hour days.. If you want a snap shot glimpse into my wacky world watch this clip Tim Doldissen produced with yours truly as the ‘ talent’… I welcome your feedback…


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Dirty dirty textile production

There is definately truth to the statement ” beauty is pain”. In my case the filth and stench associated with creating my glamourous textiles was the pain. After collecting literally 1000’s of pods from everyone  I know (or a friend of friend, etc) with a machine I select my the suitable ones for my colour scheme of a specified textile design.










Then the slicing and dicing of foil pieces begins – the truly disgusting component of my unique craft. The ones below are pretty tame. I have found many mouldy and slug ( alive and dead) ridden pods. I would highly recommend pod shucking to anyone having trouble fasting- you will not want to eat for at least four hours!









After several (often 5) hot soapy detergent rich baths the pods are clean and ready to be used as a raw material. Sigh of relief – FINALLY!






Lucky for you, these photos do not capsulate how smelly and labour rich the process was for me (and for amazing members of my family)… It really made me think about waste in a new light. There is so much packaging waste associated with consuming food and beverages…. hmm food or in this case coffee for thought..

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Cutting and Reconfiguring pods into patterns

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Evolving metal petals

1. Pinning the petals on Solve.
















2. Sewing the completed design like there is no tomorrow!




















3. Allow the magic of the Solve to do its thing- disolve in water!


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Is there anything more captivating and atmospheric than a gorgeous sunset? I don’t think so- particularly when every 10 seconds a completely new instant colour scheme is flashed for you to enjoy. I would love to design a range of textiles based on the hues of ten minutes of a sunset. These photographs were taken in Budgewoi, about an hour north of Sydney.





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A touch of theatrics!

So last Sunday morning with a team of  fantastic people I orchestrated                               fashion photography shoot at Callan Park, Rozelle.  This dramatic                                   naughty Little Red Riding Hood  piece was designed as the head costume                           in the annual Enmore Tafe costume extravaganza show that in 2006                                 was entitled “Fairytales Behaving badly”. A caricatured version of this                             was the logo of the show, featured on all the promotional material of the                       show, and a live dance performance of the opening sequence was performed by a professional dancer wearing this costume at the Enmore Theatre.

This ensomble resonates with my current design philosophy of utilizing                       bright colours, bold silhouettes and the use of unconventional materials in                           harmony to achieve captivating results. To accomplish this silhouette I                             used  wire on the vertical skirt seams and irrigation pipe (for domestic                               watering systems) through the hem of this dress.

I would like to acknowledge the following people for their generous                                       contribution to this shoot; Simon Whyte (Photography)                                                            Laura Simpson (Model), David Van Gogh (Model) and  students from                      Napoleon Perdis Natasha Newman – Make-up and Rachel Magi – Hair.

Simon Whyte is a fantastic photographer as you can see.                                                  Check out his website, Simon Whyte Photography

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Funnily enough the component of the pod that initially intrigued me was                               top silver part, the section that is pierced when the coffee is extruded. I would have expected that the bright colours of the pods would be more interesting to me as I am         drawing my inspiration from India- the capital of colour.

The organic patterns with minor holes and slits throughout this circular                       piece resonates with my interest and focus on holes and patterns. I also like the idea           that this component due to its fragile nature is unlikely to up-cycle well.

Simple but effective ways of creating geometric/floral designs…                                         that transform into…

Hand sewn and machine samples..  The hand sewn has a nice soft look                                   and the holes stay intact. It does tends to be a bit flimsy though.                                             The machine  sewn one is a bit more rigid and geometric. It is much                                       stronger but the holes get squished as you sew.                                                         Ultimately I prefer the robust nature of the machine sewn sample.

This piece was inspired by a collection of leaves on the ground I saw walking                         to uni one day. Once I have sewn  all the elements to one another several                               times backwards and forward,  I  will dissolve  the backing fabric in water to reveal a         lace inspired textile effect.

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So I am a little bit of a fan of the Nespresso Coffee Machine pods. Whilst                               enjoying a coffee about a month ago I started thinking about how beautiful and                   interesting these pods are and what a waste it would be to simply throw                               them out.  After researching the up-cycling process whereby used pods are                     sent back to Switzerland to reuse the alluminium it became abundently clear                     that I should be incorporating these pods of power in my collection.

Pods that I have collected from friends, family and colleagues.

Look what happens when you mix a pod with a sledgehammer!                                                  The organic and unique ripples created are so appealing to me,                                                Uniformed and individual. The neutral tones resonate with the colours                                  of India beautifully as well.

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Lorna Murray

A litle while ago I went to a fabulous exhibition of the work of textile designer,                 Lorna Murray.  She created an eclectic collection of “textiles” from a variety of sources including rubbish found in India. I say “textiles” as they are not fabrics in a conventional sense, more like conceptual art works. Her work really resonates with sustainability and focus on India. I would similarly like to create works of art, that can be                                 translated into more conventional textile prints for fashion.  I had a look at what inspired Lorna… strangely enough we have both been to a number of the same  places in the buzzing Sub-continent..   Here are a couple of my favourites..

This last picture is a view from the bottom of the Amber fort in Jaipur,                       Rajasthan. The is the place where my fixation on holes and layers took hold.                         I have about 100 photos of this fort alone.

Lorna Murray’s work and more beautiful images can be found at the                                       following link,  Lorna Murray

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have…

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