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I am currently studying a bachelor of fashion and textile design at the University of Technology, Sydney. I will be creating a collection of Textiles for my major project in my final year. I recently spent a month travelling throughout India, which was an eye opening and amazing experience. I was totally inspired by everything about India - the culture, people, food, textiles, architecture etc. As a result I have decided to derive the majority of my inspiration for my textile collection from India. I have had a passion for sustainable practice throughout my tertiary education. I will endeavor to incorporate elements and principles of sustainability throughout my textile collection as well.

Australian Social Innovation Exchange!

So I have entered the inaugural Social Innovation exchange…. right up my alley with the sustainability of podtex… check it out..  

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To truly understand the blood, sweat and tears that went into my textiles you would have to sit next to me for the months of 18 hour days.. If you want a snap shot glimpse into my wacky world watch … Continue reading

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Dirty dirty textile production

There is definately truth to the statement ” beauty is pain”. In my case the filth and stench associated with creating my glamourous textiles was the pain. After collecting literally 1000’s of pods from everyone  I know (or a friend … Continue reading

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Cutting and Reconfiguring pods into patterns

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Evolving metal petals

1. Pinning the petals on Solve.                               2. Sewing the completed design like there is no tomorrow!                   … Continue reading

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Is there anything more captivating and atmospheric than a gorgeous sunset? I don’t think so- particularly when every 10 seconds a completely new instant colour scheme is flashed for you to enjoy. I would love to design a range of … Continue reading

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A touch of theatrics!

So last Sunday morning with a team of  fantastic people I orchestrated                               fashion photography shoot at Callan Park, Rozelle.  This dramatic         … Continue reading

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Funnily enough the component of the pod that initially intrigued me was                               top silver part, the section that is pierced when the coffee is extruded. … Continue reading

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So I am a little bit of a fan of the Nespresso Coffee Machine pods. Whilst                               enjoying a coffee about a month ago I started … Continue reading

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Lorna Murray

A litle while ago I went to a fabulous exhibition of the work of textile designer,                 Lorna Murray.  She created an eclectic collection of “textiles” from a variety of sources including rubbish … Continue reading

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