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So I am a little bit of a fan of the Nespresso Coffee Machine pods. Whilst                               enjoying a coffee about a month ago I started … Continue reading

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Neoprene Festivities!

Neoprene lends itself to being manipulated in many different ways. Here are a couple         of simple techniques that I would like to explore and extend with my leather.  The layers, holes and the mix of different … Continue reading

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An Innovative Inventor- Remya Jose

So for part of my dissertation I am looking at how ideas from developing countries, particularly at the grass roots can trickle up to inform and inspire more sustainable and ethical solutions in the fashion and textiles industry…Engineering student Remya … Continue reading

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Sustainability through Styling

Vivienne Cable – Principle and Image Consultant at Image By Design. Vivienne Cable is a true mentor of mine. I have been following her success and business developments for more than five years. I did work experience with her before … Continue reading

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Shared Talent India

So about a month back while researching avenues of sustainable textiles in the developed and the developing world  for my dissertation, I stumbled across an amazing website called, “Shared Talent India”. In a nutshell it is a website designed to … Continue reading

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Up- cycle my world

So this is a little bit of a personal post… This is my embarrassingly overstocked wardrobe! Seriously how many items of clothing does one girl need?  It gets worse too… there are drawers under my bed with more clothes! I … Continue reading

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Concept behind my sustainable textiles range

The detrimental impact of the fashion world has been largely out of sight, out of mind, until now. Introducing an innovative and sustainable textile collection, dusk till dawn, which reincarnates waste products away from landfill and into textiles that truly fulfill … Continue reading

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