Wire Time!

One of the major themes of my sustainable textiles range is to either put                              small pieces together like parts of Nespresso pods to make up a fabric or                          to extract bigger parts like old clothes to create a fabric. The raw creativity and random nature of composing fabrics this way is what appeals to me. This spirit can be found in wires as well…

Random and chaotic wires in Delhi, India are so appealing because they                           have subtle patterns and sense of repetition that cannot be easily understood or replicated- Something I am striving for in my collection.

Different perspective of wires creates unique ideas for constructing fabric by weaving or looping elements around themselves.

Barbed wire ball from Eco Outdoor- a great way to up-cycle barbed wire                               wire in an interesting way!

Weaving and coiling is effective, particularly as it is  wrapped around a                                  cylindrical shape. Could be transformed into a much smaller bead- style                application to be threaded onto strings and then woven.

The random wire concept translates beautifully in bright colours! Yay                                   Colours are a central theme of my  collection! So the wire and colours                                   have got me inspired to create my own colourful wire textile fabrications.

The last three pieces can be purchased from Eco Outdoor  at 7 Danks Street
Waterloo NSW 2010. Here is the website:  Eco Outdoor

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I am currently studying a bachelor of fashion and textile design at the University of Technology, Sydney. I will be creating a collection of Textiles for my major project in my final year. I recently spent a month travelling throughout India, which was an eye opening and amazing experience. I was totally inspired by everything about India - the culture, people, food, textiles, architecture etc. As a result I have decided to derive the majority of my inspiration for my textile collection from India. I have had a passion for sustainable practice throughout my tertiary education. I will endeavor to incorporate elements and principles of sustainability throughout my textile collection as well.
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