A touch of theatrics!

So last Sunday morning with a team of  fantastic people I orchestrated                               fashion photography shoot at Callan Park, Rozelle.  This dramatic                                   naughty Little Red Riding Hood  piece was designed as the head costume                           in the annual Enmore Tafe costume extravaganza show that in 2006                                 was entitled “Fairytales Behaving badly”. A caricatured version of this                             was the logo of the show, featured on all the promotional material of the                       show, and a live dance performance of the opening sequence was performed by a professional dancer wearing this costume at the Enmore Theatre.

This ensomble resonates with my current design philosophy of utilizing                       bright colours, bold silhouettes and the use of unconventional materials in                           harmony to achieve captivating results. To accomplish this silhouette I                             used  wire on the vertical skirt seams and irrigation pipe (for domestic                               watering systems) through the hem of this dress.

I would like to acknowledge the following people for their generous                                       contribution to this shoot; Simon Whyte (Photography)                                                            Laura Simpson (Model), David Van Gogh (Model) and  students from                      Napoleon Perdis Natasha Newman – Make-up and Rachel Magi – Hair.

Simon Whyte is a fantastic photographer as you can see.                                                  Check out his website, Simon Whyte Photography

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I am currently studying a bachelor of fashion and textile design at the University of Technology, Sydney. I will be creating a collection of Textiles for my major project in my final year. I recently spent a month travelling throughout India, which was an eye opening and amazing experience. I was totally inspired by everything about India - the culture, people, food, textiles, architecture etc. As a result I have decided to derive the majority of my inspiration for my textile collection from India. I have had a passion for sustainable practice throughout my tertiary education. I will endeavor to incorporate elements and principles of sustainability throughout my textile collection as well.
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  1. Mikel says:

    Great outfits and pics!

  2. This is excellent! How did you learn this stuff?

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