Funnily enough the component of the pod that initially intrigued me was                               top silver part, the section that is pierced when the coffee is extruded. I would have expected that the bright colours of the pods would be more interesting to me as I am         drawing my inspiration from India- the capital of colour.

The organic patterns with minor holes and slits throughout this circular                       piece resonates with my interest and focus on holes and patterns. I also like the idea           that this component due to its fragile nature is unlikely to up-cycle well.

Simple but effective ways of creating geometric/floral designs…                                         that transform into…

Hand sewn and machine samples..  The hand sewn has a nice soft look                                   and the holes stay intact. It does tends to be a bit flimsy though.                                             The machine  sewn one is a bit more rigid and geometric. It is much                                       stronger but the holes get squished as you sew.                                                         Ultimately I prefer the robust nature of the machine sewn sample.

This piece was inspired by a collection of leaves on the ground I saw walking                         to uni one day. Once I have sewn  all the elements to one another several                               times backwards and forward,  I  will dissolve  the backing fabric in water to reveal a         lace inspired textile effect.

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I am currently studying a bachelor of fashion and textile design at the University of Technology, Sydney. I will be creating a collection of Textiles for my major project in my final year. I recently spent a month travelling throughout India, which was an eye opening and amazing experience. I was totally inspired by everything about India - the culture, people, food, textiles, architecture etc. As a result I have decided to derive the majority of my inspiration for my textile collection from India. I have had a passion for sustainable practice throughout my tertiary education. I will endeavor to incorporate elements and principles of sustainability throughout my textile collection as well.
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  1. Emma Weir says:

    Woaaah!! Awesome progress babe, must have taken you forever. Looks so good though.

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