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So this is a little bit of a personal post… This is my embarrassingly overstocked wardrobe! Seriously how many items of clothing does one girl need?  It gets worse too… there are drawers under my bed with more clothes! I am forever consuming more and more and rarely letting go of items.  Every girls dilema, a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. We have all been there before. Looking at my over consumption got me thinking that if I have a closet full of clothes of which I probably actually wear about 30% of at best, so must many others- boys included.

There are so many reasons for holding onto clothes: these are the ones that spring to mind for me!

1. Sentimentality-” I had a great time ripping up the df when I wore this number back in 2004″- Meanwhile in 2011 you wouldn’t be caught dead in the dress.

2. Feel wasteful as you invested time and money in them- ie the tags are still on the garment- really should have returned this hot number the day after I bought it on a whim because your “friend” a.k.a the shop assistant thought you looked fabulous and they were playing a great song in the store at the time! ah the power of retail therapy is so short lived.

3. Guilt – that although it is an excellent piece I don’t have the lifestyle to facilitate wearing these elaborate outfits often enough or although it is a kick’n jacket, potentially an article for my glory box I don’t have the confidence/body to pull it off.

Observe how the clothes are fighting for my wardrobe real estate!

So my challenge to myself is to  essentially play “musical hangers” with my wardrobe. By Musical hangers I intend to remove a hanger a day – thus I am going to eliminate one item from my wardrobe every day for the next 40 days- until the 1st June, which is my 25th birthday- how poetic. I will endeavour to use these articles or fragments of these articles of unused clothing in my sustainable textiles range.  If anyone reading this would like to do a little Autumn cleaning with me I will whole heartedly accept any item/s of clothing that are just collecting dust in your wardrobe… Happy Culling everyone


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I am currently studying a bachelor of fashion and textile design at the University of Technology, Sydney. I will be creating a collection of Textiles for my major project in my final year. I recently spent a month travelling throughout India, which was an eye opening and amazing experience. I was totally inspired by everything about India - the culture, people, food, textiles, architecture etc. As a result I have decided to derive the majority of my inspiration for my textile collection from India. I have had a passion for sustainable practice throughout my tertiary education. I will endeavor to incorporate elements and principles of sustainability throughout my textile collection as well.
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